Wood vacuum Microwave Dryer

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Wood vacuum Microwave Dryer

Wood vacuum Microwave Dryer
  • Wood vacuum Microwave Dryer
Product name : Wood vacuum Microwave Dryer
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Wood Vacuum Microwave Dryer

Product Introduction:

Wood preservation vacuum pressure antiseptic treatment tank is a key equipment of wood preservation, flame retardant;Wood of the tank after reagent leaching, pressure injection infiltration, vacuum drying process, can effectively prevent mildew corrosion caused by wood rotting fungi bacteria such as;Can effectively prevent from insect such as termites, wood borers animals such as damage to the wood.Join different agents at the same time the effect of flame retardant, coloring.Greatly improve the service life of the wood and application scope.Anticorrosive wood, flame retardant wood materials are widely used in indoor furniture, antique garden construction, railway, mine, wharf apron, pile wood ship construction, etc.

Directions of use:

Wood into a vacuum pressure tank to tank door, vacuum (about 0.98 Mpa) - injection drug - pressure booster, (1.0-1.4 Mpa) - decompression and drainage - after vacuum (about 0.98 Mpa) - emptying - out of the tank
Operation process can be divided into five stages:
1, before the vacuum stage:
Put wood in a pressure antiseptic tank, close the tank door, open the vacuum pump to the antiseptic tank vacuum (generally for 0.080 ~ 0.095 MPa), keep for 15 minutes, to draw out the air in the wood cell cavity, making it easier for the wood to be preservative antiseptic, and reduce the preservative recoil when unloading, retain more preservatives in the wood.
Stage 2, preservatives:
Without shutting down under the condition of vacuum pump, which remained under the condition of vacuum, join the preservative solution.If the preservatives fill pressure leaching tank injection before turn off the vacuum pump, so the antiseptic air, left over from the jar, or steam is produced by processing solution is compressed to dip the top of the tank, so when continue to add a preservative solution, the gas will be filling material in the upper pile of wood in vacuum were empty space, in this way, this part makes wood absorbs less number of preservative solution, causing the same batch of wood and uneven results.
Stage 3, pressure:
When preservatives fill pressure leaching tank, close the vacuum pump, after eliminating the vacuum and pressure (can use hydraulic pressure, air pressure) can also be used, to achieve the required pressure (0.8 ~ 1.5 MPa commonly kept for a period of time (usually) for 2 ~ 6 hours, until the required corrosion dose has deep is pressed into the wood, or at the point of wood refused to absorb the preservative solution.When the pressure at the end of phase, eliminate the pressure, because of a small amount of air is compressed in wood expansion effect, absorbed by the wood preservative solution in pressurized phase 5 ~ 15% at this time will recoil from the timber, back pressure leaching tank.
4, drainage stage:
After the lifting pressure, using gravity of preservative solution, or with drainage pump, inject pressure leaching tank preservative solution is returned to the preservative solution storage tank.
5, after vacuum phase:
After the row as a preservative solution, close all valves, turn on the vacuum pump, after the start of the vacuum stage.After the vacuum degree of vacuum can be like before vacuum (0.080 ~ 0.095 MPa), or slightly lower, maintain 10 ~ 30 minutes.Then remove vacuum, released in the vacuum phase extraction of preservative solution.Opened the door of tank, take out treated wood, anti-corrosion treatment has been completed.


Tank Diameter

Tank Length

Single pot Capacity(m3)


























After CCA and ACQ vacuum pressurized anticorrosive wood is widely used in garden landscape engineering, construction, outdoor furniture, garden facilities, such as: wooden house, sit chair wooden desk, flower beds, fences, rubbish bins, a pavilion, rail, bridge engineering, wooden house, sit chair wooden desk, flower beds, fences, outdoor decoration, villa courtyard embelished frame, guardrail, square floor, tourism small wharf, anticorrosive wood floor, flower shelf, pro level table, fishing platform, wooden footway, floor, ladders, railings.

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