Square type steam bun machine

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Square type steam bun machine

Square type steam bun machine
  • Square type steam bun machine
Product name : Square type steam bun machine
Product No. : 201785111911
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High quality stainless steel Bread Machine, square type steam bun machine

Running Process of Square Steamed Bun Maker :
1. Put pressing sheet dough into guide rail, and transport that into pressure roller.
2. Transport dough to be rolled into solid long cylinder.
3. Be cut into single bread under blade.

Feature of Square Steamed Bun Maker :





Bread weight














Square Bun Machine is a kind of multi-functional machine. There is a hopper device on the bun machine. Operator can put vegetable granule and other granular food material in order to make different bread, like chocolate bread, pumpkin bread, potato bread, steamed twisted roll, etc.

Applicable Scope of Square Steamed Bun Maker :
Multi-functional square bun machine is widely applicable for quick-frozen food factories , individual processing units and used to make square steamed bun and pastry desert .

Merits of Square Bun Machine :
1. The square bun machine adopts pressing technique that can make finished buns more glossy and beautiful.
2. The square bun machine adopts rolling craft. Finished bread is strati-form.
3. The square bun machine adopts humanized control panel. Novice just needs five minutes to operate freely.
4. The square bun machine is highly-efficient. The machine can produce 13000 pieces, that is equivalent to output of 10-20 skilled worker.
5. Dough thickness, forming speed, bread size can be adjusted.


Advantages of  Steamed Bun Making Machine:

1.Adopt pressing technique and rolling technique,make dough more smooth,stable 

  performance Steamed bread tastes good.


2.Dough wrapper thickness can be changed,Steamed bun length and size is adjustable.


3.According dynamics science of Pastry processing,To protect the dough hole ,gluten

 and water retention,much better than hand-made bun.


4.One machine can make bun,steamed twisted roll,bread and so on.


5.Main parts are made of stainless steel,Electric elements adopt international famous 

  brand products,beautiful appearance.


6.The machine adopts high quality digital control,humanized control panel,control the

  accurate and reliable


7.High degree of automation,accurate quantitative,making the products size is unified.


8.Reasonable structure,easy disassembling and maintenance,convenient cleaning.


9.Flour quality is not high,and is suitable for all kinds of the workplace 


10.One machine capacity is equal to 12-18 persons hand-made.


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